Chicago SkylineOk, you’re right. You can’t snow ski in Chicago or catch a ten foot wave surfing. But good gosh, you can find everything else in the third largest city in the United States. Where shall we begin…?

Your Appetite
Chicago was an immigration magnet in the early 1900s. This resulted today in over 77 different ethnic neighborhoods. You can find any kind of ethnic meal you could ever imagine. Chicago today has over 7,300 restaurants. This year there are 26 rated by Michelin if you are interested in making that special meal a real dining experience.

People and some more People
If you enjoy people watching at an outdoor dining venue you can have a blast in Chicago. Besides the huge number of different nationalities that call Chicago home, over 40 million visitors come to Chicago every year. They’re everywhere!

Oh my, with all of those people, how do I get anywhere? If you don’t mind public transportation the train system reaches all quadrants of the city. Since the early 1900s when Chicago became a very important transportation hub to the US and the Midwest, two very large airports will take you anywhere in the world. Train, buses, water taxis, bikes, cabs. You name it, a city this large has them all. Chicago is accessible via car, but it is wise to watch the aps designed to monitor traffic flow. Any one of the major interstates, avenues or boulevards can be navigated, but the time of day certainly can make a difference.

Having a very diverse population base creates an above average interest in multiple sports. Those that gain the most visibility would be the new World Series baseball champion Chicago Cubs! There is also the White Sox on the south side. Chicago is home to the Blackhawks in the NHL hockey, the Bulls in NBA basketball, the Bears in NFL football, and the Fire in professional soccer.

The Seasons
Sometimes the wind and cold can indeed get a little brutal in the winter months, but the beautiful spring, summer and fall months more than make up for it. There isn’t a weekend that goes by that you can’t find a festival in one of those 77 neighborhoods mentioned earlier.

Arts, Museums and Theatre
There are dozens of museums in Chicago. Featuring Art, Architecture, Children, History and Culture. That is just downtown. The neighborhoods many as well. There are theatres featuring all different types of live performances.

Living accommodations
You can chose to live right downtown and have everything within walking distance. You can locate in one of the many neighborhoods with their historical architecture and charm. OR you can drift out into the many suburbs and still get to downtown Chicago via one of the many trains.

Something for everyone
We didn’t even get into outdoor opportunities. The Lakeshore trail along Lake Michigan is the longest publicly owned trail in the world. A terrific place for an evening stroll or early morning run. Chicago has absolutely something for everyone.

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