There are many misconceptions when it comes to chiropractic care. In the United States, people have become so accustomed to traditional western medicine that they see that as the primary treatment for chronic illness and disease. In reality, they should be more interested in an alternative treatment such as chiropractic care.

Dr. Billy DeMoss from Newport Beach, CA talks about his passion and reasoning for treating with chiropractic care, “My goal as a chiropractor and as an educator is to empower people with an understanding of how the human body functions so that wise decisions can be made about one’s own health and well-being.”

Research conducted by several doctors and health professionals indicate that patients who receive chiropractic treatments are less likely to see progressive spinal degeneration. The conditions associated with this issue are disc disease and osteoarthritis. In the way that people see their primary optometrist for annual eye exams, seeing a chiropractor can work in the same matter when attending to your spine. The spine helps to protect an important area in your body and that is the nervous system. When this system is impaired or damaged, it can lead to a lot of other health complications.

Chiropractic care has the ability to treat patients at the root of the problem. Traditional western medicine simply masks the symptoms that patients experience from their chronic conditions. When a child has asthma, medication will not cure it, rather it only suppresses the symptoms temporarily. Seeking chiropractic care can help the professional assess your health situation and determine the best treatment without the need for invasive surgery or harmful medications. Chiropractic treatment has the capacity to get the body out of subluxation, which is what doctors describe as misalignment or dysfunction of the spine. Damage to this area can cause your spine and/or nerves to be damaged.

By the early 1960s, chiropractic care was not receiving as many equitable referrals from doctors to treat patients. After a lawsuit filed by Dr. Chester Wilk in 1987, the court ruled in favor of the plaintiff stating that the American Medical Association was unlawful in deliberately excluding chiropractic referrals for patients and trying to eliminate chiropractors altogether. Now, medical professionals and patients see the great benefits associated with chiropractic care and how it can be used as preventative care.

Specifically in children, they have the capacity to heal faster and more effectively than adults. They have the ability to regenerate cells and withstand more vulnerable diseases than adults simply due to their biology make up and age. Treating children early on with chiropractic care can help them to fight off infections, illnesses and pain. Chiropractic care can help detoxify patients from their ingestion of unnatural and processed food products. When you can treat children with these methods, you are ridding them of toxins that can potentially limit their healing capacities later on in adulthood.

Unfortunately, more and more people, children and adults, are being placed on medications such as antibiotics. These medicines are prescribed to kill the bacteria that is causing infection and illness. Yet, they also kill the good bacteria that your body needs to fight off those bad bacteria. So, antibiotics just work in weakening your immune system, putting you at risk at getting worse.

Chiropractic care will be more than just treating a patient for his or her condition. Chiropractors help to educate patients on how to sustain their bodies before and after treatments. They guide them through personalized, chiropractic treatment plans so that they can work alongside their preventative treatment to obtain optimal health. Finally, patients can feel confident that there are more holistic alternatives to seeking health care without the fear of harmful treatment that can make matters worse.

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