Coping with Stress in River North!


Coping with Stress

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Everyone stresses out to some degree.
We all have different forms of stress and each of us presents differently. Neck and jaw pain/discomfort is a common presentation, Many times, tension in these areas from jaw-clenching results in headaches.

Most of us don’t realize that this repetitive action is even occurring. Once you pinpoint and become self-aware of this, preventative measures can be taken.

One of the first steps to take would be to see your dentist for a night guard, this can help with grinding of the teeth as well.

Seeking stress management is also a key step in relieving this tension/stress. Addressing the headaches and neck and jaw tension through Chiropractic care helps to reduce the symptoms. The combination of all of these therapies allows for optimal results.

Do you suspect your holding tension and stress?
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Dr. Joanna Reaves is a Chiropractic Physician passionate about working with patients of all ages. She has experience working with children, pregnant women and athletes.

Dr. Reaves works with health challenges such as acute and chronic pain, weight loss, stress, and those looking to change their lifestyle to better themselves and live a healthy life to their highest potential.
She helps patients to not only eliminate their pain and disease but to prevent it from occurring again. Her preventative care focus is centered on coaching her patients to make lifestyle changes and choices that include changes in posture, correct workplace ergonomics, hydration, regular exercise, and eating a clean diet.

Through chiropractic care, acupuncture, nutrition, and rehabilitative exercises, Dr. Reaves utilizes a holistic approach allowing our body to heal itself. Eliminating the root cause of pain, stress, or weight gain allows our bodies to heal naturally and prevents illness.

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