headshot19Prior to obtaining her masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2012, Joslynn graduated from Prescott College with a bachelors degree in Environmental Science. She worked with youth at risk fostering life skills by way of outward bound courses and respect for the environment.

Joslynn’s approach as a practitioner is to support , educate and understand the perspective of the patient. The path to health is different for everyone and the route there can be just as dynamic. Chinese Medicine allows her to combine her passion of helping others with achieving vitality in a very unique way. Joslynn focuses on allergies, digestion and orthopedic conditions, and has a particular interest in how nutrition effects the body especially in chronic disease. She is currently pursuing advanced herbal studies to further her education on Internal Medicine disease. She continues her studies under the lineage of Dr Jimmy Chang. She has also spent extra time studying pain management utilizing neuro-acupuncture. She uses a variety of modalities including electrical stimulation, cupping, heat therapy, red light therapy, gua sha and Chinese Herbs.

Joslynn has worked with a variety of athletes ranging from Crossfit to professional sports teams. (Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Fire)

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