SeanJonesProfileImageSean Jones, a licensed massage therapist began his career of health and wellness in 2012.     Being a spotter and overhead crane operator for Union Pacific Railroad for thirteen years a new career path was in the making.  While looking for a new career change, he stumbled across massage therapy as the new chapter in his life.  Sean studied and graduated from the Soma Institute Of Massage Therapy here in downtown Chicago.   Going into massage therapy, he had no true knowledge of what a professional massage really felt like nor the therapeutic values of a massage.  At Soma he learned anatomy of the body, the muscular system as well as the skeletal system and how the work together to form movement.  Soma is also the place he was made aware that massage is heavily involved in the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional way of life.  In school he was taught different modalities such as deep tissue massage, Sweedish massage and more importantly how to treat many different ailments  through clinical studies and hands-on treatments.  Even though he started his career in the ladder part his life he understands the importance health and wellness.    

Growing up in the inner city being the fourth child born out of five with crucial age gaps between his brothers and sisters , sports was his get away.  He was a superb athlete in his teens and early twenties, but with being an athlete came many injuries none of which were ever too serious.   Now that I have teenage children that are athletes, I can prevent them from ever having to deal with chronic pain from sports and everyday wear and tear.  Sean also worked at Massage Envy for four years where he excelled as a therapist.    Massage Envy helped him flourish in his field because he was introduced to many different body shapes and sizes to become comfortable and knowledgeable about how much pressure to use and how to create a feel good and trustworthy environment for the clients.  Sean fell in love with his career change not just because it was different but because he loves to help the people who have suffered from chronic pain for years at a time with no knowledge of how massage can help more than medicine.  Because he paid a great deal of attention to his clients needs and well being , his client requests to see him was sky high.  A massage therapist has no limit in their greatness because there are so many outlets to be successful.   Sean also has an interest in reflexolgy and knowing that the human body facilitates through the hands and feet draws an interest in the modality.   

In his spare time you might find Sean hanging out with friends and family.  He loves to travel, play sports and watch his kids excel in their young athletic careers.  He loves life and what good fortunes it may bring to him.

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