beatrix-river-north-busy-shiftWho doesn’t like breakfast? Or even brunch? It could be argued as the most important meal of your day. So if you’re staying in River North let’s get your day started out right. Keep in mind there are a ton of spots so we’ll pick and choose some of our favorites.

Donut Vault This spot is a must visit. They absolutely kill it with donuts. There is no place to sit down and the location is tiny, but, well, they make the best donuts in the city of Chicago.

Beatrix Lettuce Entertain You’s all-day, health-conscious eatery is the perfect place to indulge during breakfast without having to feel guilty. Stop counting calories and enjoy!

Xoco You’ve heard of Frontera Grill? This is Rick Bayless’ quick-serve café. Wow! Street-food- inspired Mexican cuisine, for less than $10.

Bub City You want a comfortable and delicious brunch? This is the place. Or maybe you were there last Saturday night. They play country music all morning long and have a huge menu in a cozy environment.

Fabcakes Most of their menu is vegetarian. Terrific small cakes to go. How about a fig and goat cheese croissant or mixed fruit cheesecake. It will make you feel like you are back in Europe, not in the hustle and bustle of

Meli Café The exterior is very nondescript such that you might walk right by. The flavors of the menu immediately make up for the lack of splash. Another huge menu that will give take care of your five star taste with a one star budget.

Eataly One of only two in the country, this mega Italian grocery store serves up a mean breakfast!

Yolk Guess that title sums up this restaurant. A delightful American menu featuring Eggs Benedicts and skillets.

Brunch Gosh, what a unique name. The menu though is anything but boring. How about some fun twists like red velvet pancakes and brunch sliders. What’s this; strawberry-stuffed French toast!

Firecakes Love those donuts? Here is another opportunity if the Donut Vault is out of donuts.

Eggsperience You won’t find this title in the urban dictionary, but this is another fun venue that features a variety of egg fixings with unique side dishes.

Glazed & Infused Donuts, coffee and Tea. Did we say crazy different donuts!

Sunny Side Up and Coffee shop Don’t mess around with my breakfast! Awesome pancakes, delicious bacon and fresh orange juice. Ok, they have few crazy items as well, like cream stuffed French toast.

Just a Sampling Many, many small cafes and coffee shops to be found in River North. Terrific shops for families, to meet friends, or to do a little work over your breakfast. We just hit on a few here. Maybe you should extend your stay in River North and EAT!

Seriously though, who doesn’t like to brunch!? Next time you’re coming for your appointment, make sure you grab a morning meal at one of these AWESOME spots!

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