donutvaultrivernorthThis neighborhood can be like Venice, Italy. You may love it or hate it. The large selection of restaurants
in River North can be terrific, or they can be a pain. Fantastic people watching, or the people can be
annoying and the worst. Let’s look at some of the possibilities for dining and maybe make your selection
prior to heading in that direction to encourage a positive and memorable experience. What will it be;
donuts, hot dogs, pizza, or an over the top steakhouse? River North has them all!
3 Greens Market– A coffee shop where you can hang and work all day and you’ll find both hot and cold
food bars.
Doughnut Vault– Marked by a story-tall menu painted on the brick exterior, this tiny shop slings some
the best old fashioned-style donuts in Chicago, let alone the neighborhood.
GT Fish & Oyster– If you’re looking for a heavy dose of seafood without spending a fortune at a fancy
seafood restaurant, this is the place. The menu is meant for sharing.
Frontera Grill– This is Rick Bayless’ flagship restaurant and it’s not quite too fancy. It’s a bit more
accessible but still involves excellent Mexican flavors that constantly push boundaries
Portillo’s– Portillo’s can do no wrong. This is our go-to spot in River North for hot dogs, Italian beefs, and
cheese fries.
Gilt Bar– A dark restaurant with hearty food that’s great for dates! Dimly lit, you’ll forget about
everything going on outside.
RPM Italian– It’s quite the scene, but it’s a fantastic choice if you’re craving all kinds of delicious pastas.
The Purple Pig– The Purple Pig is located just off Michigan Avenue and doesn’t take reservations.
Despite having been around for a while, the Midwest-Mediterranean dishes are still excellent.
Quartino– If you haven’t been to a birthday or big group dinner for one of your best girl friends at
Quartino yet then odds are you’re new to town. Quartino is simple Italian small plates
Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf– Another steakhouse, but there is just something more than average about it.
Not traditional, it is in the family of Au Chevel and Green Street Smoked Meats. Unique!
Sunda– From the duck fried rice to the pork buns to the sushi, it won’t disappoint if you are looking for
Asian-Fusion food.
Bernie’s Lunch & Supper– The Mediterranean-inspired menu continues to impress us. It’s cool and lively
without being super obnoxious, and, most importantly, they’re serving excellent food.
Brindelle– This place isn’t for everyone, but it’s good if you’re looking for a nice, special, quiet meal.
They pull it off in a classic French restaurant kind of way on a street that’s otherwise full of tourists and
clubby bars.
Shaw’s Crab House– Shaw’s is all things seafood in a refined dining room. It’s a great place to come with
the family and have a comfortable, upscale meal. This is just a handful of the many restaurants and dining venues in River North. Enjoy!

Just a fun article on some great food in our area! If you need anymore suggestions just let us know. In the meantime, consider an appointment to get your lower back looked at! 

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