What is Reiki?

River North Chicagos Best Chiropractor and Chiropractic Services for Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and more.Reiki is a natural healing technique that dates as far back as the early 20th century when it was Reiki River North Chicagofounded by Mikao Usui. The Japanese term means “universal life energy”. The system subsequently evolved due to research efforts, dedication and experience of the founder, making it a well-accepted treatment technique for different kinds of emotional and even spiritual issues.

Energy nourishes all things and maintains all living beings and the flow of energy determines the health of an individual. Consequently, when the flow of energy is interrupted, there is imbalance and disharmony within the body, which lead to ill health.

Reiki comes in several variations. However, the essence of the treatment technique remains the same – helping the body spiritually and emotionally. The concept of Reiki works with the energy flows in the body, helping to stabilize the flow to achieve general wellbeing. The treatment technique is consistent with virtually all belief systems.

The Reiki treatment technique is enjoyable and allows for a natural healing process, while the patient carries on with his or her daily activities. In addition to being an effective standalone treatment option, Reiki can also be combined with other complementary or conventional treatment options in a bid to support emotionally especially during recovery.

Reiki is taught by masters or teachers in the field. Such experts include Reaves Chiropractic, a team of experts, Chiropractor River North that is well-trained and experienced to help heal patients.

Reiki Treatment technique

The Reiki treatment technique is simple and enjoyable as mentioned earlier. The recipient is relaxed, clothed and sits on a chair or lies on a couch while receiving the treatment. The practitioner subsequently places their hands gently in different non-intrusive positions on the body. Reiki treatment does not involve manipulation or massage of any part of the body.

Reiki treatment is comprehensive, treating the whole persons as opposed to specific regions of the body. Reiki sessions will usually last between forty-five and ninety minutes depending on the needs of the recipient or patient as the case may be.

It is worth noting that Reiki practitioners are not meant to diagnose patients and are therefore not mandated to predict any particular outcome from the treatment. Therefore, patients are advised to see their doctor if they see any worrying symptoms.

What do treatments feel like?

The experiences of Reiki recipients are usually different as it is dependent on the needs and sometimes body system of each individual. While some clients feel sensations during a treatment, others do not. Some of the many benefits recipients have reportedly had include deep relaxation that promotes a calm and peaceful sense of well-being on all levels.

For persons that feel some sensations, some common feelings include tingling, heat, and seeing colors.

Others have also been reported to have emotional response to the treatment, indicating that shifts are taking place and allowing harmony to be restored.

Benefits of Reiki Treatment

Comfort in tough times

Reiki sessions are relaxing, helping individuals to douse tensions especially in difficult times. It is not strange to feel disconnected or overwhelmed due to pressure from work and even home. This sometimes leads to emotional and spiritual isolation. Reiki treatments however help to bring a feeling of peace and the ability to cope with life challenges better.

Support for Pregnant women

Reiki has also been identified to be great for pregnant women, helping them feel more relaxed during pregnancy.

Source of calmness for children

Children have been discovered to enjoy Reiki as it helps to calm their nerves. However, reiki sessions for children are usually shorter than adult’s.

Soothing for animals

Reiki is not just meant to help humans live happily, as it can also be relaxing and soothing for animals.

Beneficial at the end of life

While it is general knowledge that Reiki is aimed at promoting healthy living, the technique can also help to bring comfort for the dying, helping to promote a sense of acceptance and peace even for the families of the dying person.

There is no reported case of side effects as a result of Reiki treatments. However, it is advised that interested persons contact well-trained and experienced practitioners for their sessions.

Reaves Chiropractic is a Chiropractor in River North Chicago that offers Reiki treatment and other treatment options that include yoga, massage therapy and chiropractic to treat different physical and emotional issues like neck pain, stress, shoulder pain and lower back pain.

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