ChicagoDogThe largest book in the Guinness World Records can be found in Dubai. It weighs in at 3,306 pounds and has 430 pages. If we attempted to write about each of the over 7,300 restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, we might end up with a close second. We can also mention that there are currently 26 Michelin rated restaurants in Chicago. If you wish to enjoy from the finest chefs you have those options.

Ethnicity to start
Let’s break down some popular venues by their ethnicity. Chicago was a huge destination in the early 1900’s for immigration due to its explosive growth and job opportunities. This has yielded no less than 77 different ethnic neighborhoods. So you could walk down the street of any of those neighborhoods and experience a slice of their home country. South of the Loop you’ll find Chinatown. If you find locals frequenting the establishment, that is a good sign. Phoenix is a good start for Cantonese. Won Kow is the oldest restaurant in Chinatown and has some Mongolian fowl specialties. In Little Italy you will find a straight-forward favorite with Francesca’s on Taylor. The Rosebud, with two locations, is known for
huge helpings of pasta. Tuscany, also with two locations, has a comfortable neighborhood feel. The Greeks have a large presence in Chicago. The Greek Islands, Santorini, Parthenon, Costas and Athena will all give you terrific Greek dishes. Interested in Mexican you can enjoy Pilsen south of the Loop or Nuevo Leon. Want to try Polish cuisine? The Red Apple offers buffet only offering Polish specialties. Thai cuisine is abundant in Chicago. A few venues might be Arun’s, or Star of Siam. Two other possibilities are Tiparos in the north side of the Gold Coast or Thai Classic close to Wrigley Field.

Pizza or Hot Dogs
Good Pizza abounds in Chicago. Pizzeria Uno, Pizzeria Due and Gino’s East offer up classic deep-dish. Edwardo’s is a local pizza chain as is Giordino’s. How about a Chicago Hot Dog? Hot Doug’s takes hot dogs to a new level. Gold Coast Dogs is a stand out as in any one of the local chain locations of Portillo’s.

Again you can find wonderful breakfast spots scattered across all of Chicago. Here are just a few downtown; The Café in the Four Seasons Hotel or the Drake Bros. in the Drake Hotel. Lou Mitchells’ is a local favorite downtown. Cajun and Creole specialties can be found at Heaven on Seven or a great brunch with some heart and soul is the popular House of Blues.

Michelin rating
Again, 26 total as of 2017, here are a few. Alinea is a three star as is Grace. There are a few two star then the balance of the list is dominated by one star. Longman & Eagle is a notable mention, as is the first Michelin brew pub, Band of Bohemia.

Do your Research
Prior to heading out to dine, do your research to exploit the experience you are about to encounter. Enjoy dining in Chicago, again and again.

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