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Reaves Chiropractic provides Pain Relief, Holistic Physical Treatment, and Wellness Care

Chiropractic services for Downtown, Loop, River North, Gold Coast, Streeterville, Old Town, Lincoln Park, Lakeview and all Chicago Residents.

We realize everyone has a different body which requires personalized treatment. Because of this, our Chicago Chiropractor, Dr. Joanna Reaves, focuses on an authentic, holistic approach by utilizing different treatment options to find the perfect recipe of treatment for YOU. Whether this be chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises and stretches, or additional treatments our River North Chicago office also offers such Massage Therapy and Acupuncture.

Offering Chiropractic Services, Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture

Reaves Chiropractic, located downtown Chicago in River North, strives to provide the best experience through personalized treatment, exceptional education, and patient satisfaction. The most common back pain conditions we treat at Reaves Chiropractic are workout injuries, disc herniation, stenosis, sciatica, or general lower back pain from sitting too long. Neck and shoulder pain complaints are also commonly treated. Bad posture, headaches, and migraines can be treated with Chiropractic Care. Dr. Joanna Reaves, our Chiropractor, also treats numbness and tingling in the arms or hands, pinched nerves from poor sleeping postures, and general back pain.

Meet Reaves Chiropractic’s health providers

Joanna Reaves, DC is the owner of Reaves Chiropractic which opened in 2017. Dr. Joanna is a Chiropractic Physician who works as a team with her patients. She believes that working as a partnership with her patients allows them to reduce pain, achieve longer lasting results, and reach their goals much easier and faster.

Sunae Son, L.Ac., M.S.O.M., is a Chinese Medicine Physician specializing in the use of acupuncture, cupping, Gau Sha, Moxa, Herbs and supplements to manage a variety of conditions such as headaches, migraines, digestion, insomnia, allergies, anxiety and depression.

Our Massage Therapists are Courtney Huntley and Erica Spratt. Both therapists use clinical massage therapy to target painful areas and specialize using Trigger Point Release, MyoFascial Release, Cupping, and Deep Tissue techniques.

Collaborating Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture,

patients can and will achieve pain-free results. Our providers work together to help guide our patients to take control of their lives. We focus on health and wellness goals in a nurturing, supportive environment. We hope you give us the opportunity at our River North Chiropractic Office location on your journey to happiness and health.

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