Auricular Acupunture

Treating the Body through Auricular Acupunture

Did you know that the exterior surface of the human ear has healing properties? There are points on the ear that can be manipulated with auricular acupuncture. If done correctly, it’s an efficient way of treating a wide variety of health symptoms throughout the rest of the body. It’s somewhat of a roadmap to the treatment of a range of common medical conditions.

Looking Back at Auricular Acupuncture

The idea of auricular acupuncture is not a new one. There are traces of it leading all the way back in history to the ancient Chinese culture. It was first discovered as it is known today by a doctor named Paul Nogier. Dr. Nogier was a neurologist that had specific training in acupuncture. That’s how he found the specific points on the ear were affecting other parts of the body.

The Stimulation

When a patient seeks out auricular acupuncture, they will talk to a therapist. He or she is going to do a quick consultation to discuss the symptoms. Then, they will treat the specific area on the ear that corresponds with that body part. Everything from headaches to addiction has been treated effectively with auricular acupuncture.
During the procedure, the acupuncturist will place a needle into the skin slightly. They are gold, silver, or stainless steel and disposable so safe and sanitary. In some cases, a needle is put into both the ear and the specific body location at the same time.
Patients have experienced varying results after getting auricular acupuncture. Some say that they feel instant relief. Others have expressed it taking a few days to get the full benefits. In almost all instances, there are satisfactory results when reporting feelings of relaxation.

When to Seek Treatment

There are plenty of cases treated with auricular acupuncture. Pain and inflammation are almost always relieved with a session. People with migraines, insomnia, indigestion, depression, and various other symptoms have all benefited. Whatever condition you are suffering from can be reviewed personally by a professional.

Trusted During Trauma and Disaster

There have been times when trained auricular acupuncture specialists have been called to help. When Hurricane Katrina took place, they went to help the victims. The goal was to get instant relief for a wide variety of problems. They could perform the medical services right there on the side of the road. Even people that were too traumatized to speak got valuable treatment.
Anyone that was dealing with fatigue, depression, anger, or stress, started feeling better. Some with physical pain benefited greatly from The Acupuncturists Without Borders group. Within minutes the recipients were experiencing an increase in mental clarity. There were reports of a better ability to cope with the situation, lower pain levels, and a decrease in anxiety.

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