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Stress, anxiety, and muscle tension are all excellent reasons to get cupping therapy. Patients can experience an increase in circulation and an improvement in wellness after one session. There are several different kinds of treatments available. Deciding what is best for any specific issue happens during an initial consultation.

The History

Cupping goes back as far as ancient Egyptian times. Other cultures including Chinese and Middle East have used this treatment for health reasons. It is only recently becoming more popular in the United States because Olympians are doing a lot of it. With these facts, it is safe to say that it must work, or people wouldn’t continue doing it for thousands of years.

Dry Versus Wet Cupping

When you visit your professional therapist, they are going to give you two options when it comes to cupping. You can either do the dry method or a wet method. They are very similar, with one small difference in the wet version.
The therapist will burn paper, herbs, alcohol, or something flammable inside a cup. This is for dry cupping. The cups are made from bamboo, ceramic, glass, and more recently, silicone. The fire goes out within a few seconds, and then the cup goes over the skin, generally on the back.
The process is the same with wet cupping. The difference is when the cups get taken off, there are small cuts made inside the circles left behind on the skin. This is so that a small amount of blood can be released. Impurities leave the body with the blood.

The Procedure

When the dry cupping method is used, the cups flip onto the skin, and it gets sucked up inside of it. They leave them there for a few minutes. During that time blood comes to the surface. It’s a form of detoxification that stretches muscles and clears blood vessels.
The wet method requires a little bit more attention. After the incisions, the therapist will use an antibiotic ointment and bandages to clean cover the opened areas. This is to prevent infection. Everything is generally healed up within a few days to a week at most.
During some sessions using the newer silicone cups, there can be a simple massage given by moving the cups around the surface of the skin.

Effective Treatments

There are tons of health issues treated with this kind of therapy. Acute and chronic pain, cough, high blood pressure, migraines, skin irritations, reproduction issues, anemia, allergies, depression, and asthma are only a few. Any health problem you can think of has a potential of being reduced or eliminated with cupping therapy. Patients have stated a feeling of an increase in energy following treatments. Other benefits are a higher immunity, and better health overall after completing a session.

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