Electro Acupunture

Could You Enjoy Electro Acupuncture Therapy?

Acupuncture treatment has been used for thousands of years. Its purpose is to help comfort patients with pain other ailments. Needles pushed through the skin all over the body treat various health conditions. Where the needles go in gets decided by a qualified professional. The condition that is being treated is also a factor. Electro acupuncture is quite similar, but with the extra element of electricity.

Diving Into Electro Acupuncture

A patient looking for electro acupuncture therapy has two different options. One method involves two or more needles inserted into the skin. A machine with wires then gets attached. When all is set up, electric current get sent through to the body.
In another form of electro acupuncture, two electrodes sit on the outside of the skin. There is no breaking through the epidermis. The electricity goes through the handheld devices into the body on the surface. The results are similar in both methods.
Electric current going through the body sounds intense. Yet, patients find this treatment relaxing. The intensity is generally pretty mild. It is the same as a humming or a light vibration sensation. It is basically an advanced or more modern form of traditional acupuncture.

The Advantages

Certain spots need to stimulate throughout the body in order for them to function as they should. Electro acupuncture follows that theory. There are several reasons why people choose this kind of treatment. Those include it being shorter, stronger, and the needle placement does not have to be quite as exact. As long as it's within the general area, it is going to be effective. An entire session can gets done in 10 to 20 minutes. There are rarely ever cases where the process would take a half hour or longer.

Symptoms Treated

There are a range of problems that get treated with electro acupuncture. The most frequent is chronic pain. Regular discomforts are neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, and tension headaches or migraines.
Providers might also use this type of stimulation for other issues. Inducing ovulation in patients that do not have a regular cycle and inducing labor in late-term pregnancy are common. There have been some cases where cancer patients have opted for this type of acupuncture therapy as well. It helps to reduce chemotherapy-related vomiting.

Who Should Not Get Electro Acupuncture

Even though this treatment can be very effective for most people, there are some that wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the benefits it provides. Anyone that has suffered from a stroke, seizures, or epilepsy in the past wouldn’t be able to obtain it. Individuals with pacemakers cannot receive electro acupuncture either.
If you are worried about getting treatment, talk with a qualified acupuncturist. He or she would be able to discuss more personalized cases.

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