Gu Sha

Experience Instant Relief With Gu Sha

Dealing with aching muscles, tension, or stress headaches can be enough to slow anyone down. Without using any needles, Gu sha is a therapy that can provide instant relief. With a professional performing the treatment, patients can walk out feeling like themselves again.

Understanding Gu sha

Unlike acupuncture and other forms of East Asian healing methods, Gu sha is only rubbing over the surface of the skin. In fact, the term “gu” means to scrape or rub and “sha” means a red mark that’s elevated. The therapist performing Gu sha is working on the body to try and bring up a raised red area.

Why Seek Treatment?

Whenever there is pain or tension in muscles, immediate relief is the best outcome. Gu sha is a natural way to experience that. It’s ideal for headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and even stopping or slowing down colds, coughs, and the flu virus.
When a patient has asthma, sleep apnea, or other breathing problems, Gu sha performed over the upper back part of the body is helpful. It is what’s called clearing the lungs, and he or she can instantaneously breathe better.
Other instances when Gu sha has proven effective include treating Hepatitis B, breast engorgement, Tourette syndrome, and premenopausal syndrome. These kinds of conditions should be discussed with an expert. It is how to discover if it’s the answer to a specific individual case.

What to Expect

While lying down, the practitioner will first lubricate the areas of the skin that are to be treated. Then, he or she will use an instrument with a smooth edge to rub over the body. The most common kinds of tools used are Chinese soup spoons, coins, porcelain, or a round lid. The more traditional buffalo horn may also be utilized during therapy.
Patients rarely complain of any discomfort during the Gu sha procedure. In fact, most of them that get it find it calming. The red areas that get left behind can vary in intensity. Some patients will experience a light pink shade while others will get a blackish-red tone. The color will fade quickly, generally within one to four days. Whatever ailment is being treated reduces or is completely gone within just a few seconds of the procedure. That makes Gu sha useful for relieving aches and pains, tension, and muscle knots.

Possible Side Effects

With the scraping motion on top of the skin, there is always the potential for capillaries to bust. In these rare instances, there can be some slight bruising or even bleeding that occurs. There have been minimal reports of the treatment causing indentation of the skin as well. That is also only temporary if it does happen.

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