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Restoring Balance With Herbal Consultation and Prescription

The prescription medication industry has come under fire the past few years. There is a lot of concern surrounding the kinds of pharmaceuticals that are prescribed and their side effects. The main issue is the likelihood that patients will get addicted to various types of drugs. Whether you’re worried about that, or if you prefer a more natural way of healing, herbal consultation & prescription is an effective alternative to modern medicine.

Covering the Symptoms

The problem with prescription medication is that in most cases, it’s just putting a band-aid on the real problem. Painkillers for instance don’t take away the pain. They only help in relieving it. When the medicine wears off, the pain comes back. With herbal consultation & prescription services, the root of the problem is addressed and eliminated for permanent relief.

During a Consult

To fully benefit from herbal consultation & prescription, one must meet with someone that thoroughly trained in the practice. There are a plethora of activities that are going to take place before proper diagnosis and prescription can take place. The meeting generally takes about thirty minutes or less, depending on the severity of the case.

The Practitioner Observations

Besides just asking a few questions and checking body temperature and blood pressure, a practitioner trained in herbal consultation & prescription has a more in-depth method of adequately healing patients.
First, he or she is going to look at the patient. They will take notes of complexion appearance, the eyes, apparent state of mind, and how the person responds to speech. They will also observe the patients overall demeanor.
Do not wear makeup, perfume, or cologne during a consultation. The technician is going to be checking the face, eyes, nose, mouth, skin, hair, teeth, gums, and ears for normalcy. The tongue is examined as well as the voice, hearing, and smelling senses.

Before Leaving

Following the herbal consultation & prescription consultation, the educated practitioner is going to write a program. It is going to include herbs that are to be administered to treat the symptoms and restore balance within the body.
The “medicine” comes in a wide variety of forms. It could be a tea, a pill, powder, a topical, or even a tincture. The more modern professionals will most likely prescribe a tablet or a drink. They may add on a recommendation for acupuncture to go along with the herbal consultation & prescription.

Most Common Herbal Consultation & Prescription Treated Conditions

There are limitless amounts of conditions that can be treated with herbal consultation & prescription. The most widely known include digestive disorders, PMS, colds and flu, insomnia, anxiety, and pain.
The possibilities don’t end there though. Heart diseases, obesity, herpes, and a plethora of other conditions can also benefit with the proper management. To prevent drug interactions or side effects, never self-diagnosis a condition.

Getting Started

The only way to discover all that herbal consultation & prescription can do is by scheduling an appointment. Call our office today, and we will get you set up.
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