Electrical Chiropractic Stimulation

Utilizing Electrical Chiropractic Stimulation For Muscle Relief

Spinal cord injuries, surgery, strokes, and various other medical conditions can all cause an inability to use certain muscles. When this happens, it can cause the muscle to waste away from lack of use. Patients do not want to deal with a loss of muscle tone and strength due to inactivity. To prevent that from happening electrical chiropractic stimulation can be utilized.

Defining Electrical Chiropractic Stimulation

During an electrical chiropractic river north chicago stimulation therapy session, electrodes are attached. Technicians focus on the affected areas. A physical therapist or medical practitioner places them on the patient’s skin. When they are activated, the targeted muscles will contract. It mimics what the muscle would do naturally if it were being used correctly.
Muscle spasms will decrease with electrical chiropractic stimulation. The treatment can also help in relieving pain. Range of motion will increase as well as blood circulation. Sprains, back pain scoliosis, sciatica, and arthritis are all treated with electrical chiropractic stimulation.

Other Benefits

Tense muscles and joints are loosened through electrical chiropractic stimulation. With the effects of the therapy, the areas become more flexible, and it improves the flow of blood. It is helpful in reducing inflammation and healing tissue.
Athletes take advantage of chiropractic stimulation when they suffer tissue related injuries. Pulled muscles are common among individuals that are physically active. With proper treatment, the tone and mass regain function much quicker and easier. Then the patient can get back to their regular activity level without wasting too much downtime.
Muscles that are painful do not get used as they should. The patient that is suffering from the injury is going to automatically keep from using it to protect themselves from the pain. That is a human reaction that cannot be prevented. When the muscle is left dormant, it may start to shrink or atrophy. With electrical chiropractic stimulation, the problem of a weakened muscle prevented.
Electrical chiropractic stimulation is not only for muscle pain and weakness. It can also be used to lessen stress and improve comfort. It is comparable in nature to a deep tissue massage. The practitioner performing the therapy knows where to place the electrodes in order to provide the most relief. It can aid in issues with anxiety and create a calming effect almost instantly.

Is It Safe?

This type of therapy is safe for anyone that can perform regular physical activity in most cases. There may be slight discomfort or irritation on the skin where the pads are placed. The instruments that carry the electricity should not be placed over the heart, throat, or a pregnant woman’s uterus. The result could be a cardiac arrhythmia, low blood pressure, or damage done to the fetus. Adequately trained practitioners know how to treat patients without risk.

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