Graston Technique

Why the Graston Technique is Different

With all the treatments available at various chiropractor in Bucktown chicago clinics, it can be confusing as a patient. Who knows what to choose when it comes time to pick the right one? Graston technique is one therapy offered. It uses specific instruments for healing and rehabilitation. Athletes and other patients that suffer from stiff muscles can achieve improvements. Satisfaction in their health from all that this unique technique has to offer is the objective.

Graston Technique Treatments

There is a soft tissue directly under the skin that connects the blood vessels, nerves, bones, and muscles. Another common name for it is fascia. When this doesn’t stretch or flex enough, the area can tear or get stuck. That is when injuries occur. The result is sore, painful muscles with limited flexibility. A qualified practitioner can use Graston technique to relieve all of these conditions. It happens in a quicker time frame than what it would take for the body to heal on its own.
There are a variety of reasons why people prefer to get Graston technique therapy when visiting a clinic over the other types. The primary objective of the session is aiding in the healing of soft tissue. The adhesions in the membrane are broken up and realigned through strengthening and stretching. Areas focused on are generally the ligaments, tendons, and muscles along with a plethora of various others.

Specialized Tools

Graston technique requires a set of specialized instruments made from stainless steel. Wherever there is soft tissue fibrosis or scar tissue, the tool works to detect and break it up. Technicians that perform these kinds of treatments are trained and educated in the methods that are most successful. By doing it effectively, pain levels reduce and range of motion increases.

Acute and Chronic Conditions

Several different injuries and health issues can be treated with Graston technique other than scar tissue build-up and soft tissue fibrosis. It is commonly used by athletes to heal strained muscles. Also, Graston technique can aid with neck, back, foot, wrist, shoulder, and ankle pain.
Shin splints and joint sprains can be extremely uncomfortable. Graston technique can repair those areas as well. Tennis players and golfers both have a distinct kind of pain after competing. They often go in for Graston technique for a faster recovery.

Does It Work?

In most of these cases, the rate of success is somewhere in the 80-90% range. The results are based how many people reach their desired level of healing with Graston technique. Golfer’s elbow is the lowest with a 60% success rate. The guidelines are a set of predetermined goals.
These get established by the patient and clinic before care begins. The level of function desired is most often achieved in around three months or less.

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