Kineseo Taping

Pain Relief With Muscle Taping

Have you seen one of your favorite athletes out on the field or court with a colorful tape wrapped around an area of their body? That’s kineseo tape, and it’s done to release pressure and alleviate pain on joints. Kineseo taping has become much more popular in recent years, and that’s because it works.

Kineseo Taping Problem Areas

Kineseo taping is a combination of traditional style pain management mixed with more modern medical technology. There are aspects of acupuncture present as well with the pressure and strategic placement of the tape. Proper positioning is necessary so that there is a pulling force that gives range of motion to the problem area.
The kineseo taping can be done by a professional, or you can be shown how to do it. It can be purchased at sporting goods stores or through a clinic.

How Does It Work?

The adhesive part of the tape gets activated with body heat. As soon as it gets applied, it starts working. It is meant to work all day, and it sometimes lasts even longer. There is no need to worry about sweating because the cotton fibers absorb most of the moisture.
When kineseo taping is done correctly, the blood circulation increases to the injured area relieving pain. The circulation improvement reduces swelling and helps in the healing process. Research has shown that in some individuals the tape has even corrected misaligned ligaments and muscles. The pull that the tape creates holds joints and muscles in a way so that the patient can continue with everyday activities.
It is important to remember that the tape has to be placed exactly. Just putting it on the area that is bothering you isn’t going to do a whole lot. It has to be put on in a way that follows natural muscle movements.

Who Uses It?

As mentioned, athletes are the most frequent users of kineseo taping. Runners especially like to use it because it doesn’t affect their abilities by getting in the way. There are plenty of other people that can also benefit from the use of the tape besides sports players though. Anyone with an injury could potentially get relief. Those that suffer from carpal tunnel from typing all day or someone that stands a lot for work would feel a difference after kinseo taping. Pregnant women have also been known to use it.

Treated Conditions

There are a plethora of conditions that are treated with kineseo taping. Back sprains and strains, knee and shoulder injuries, and neck aches are just a few. Sports injuries are commonly treated with kineseo taping as well. Pregnant women use it for pain associated with carrying the extra weight of a baby. It can be put on the back, knees, and abdominal muscles.

Get Targeted Treatment

Kineseo taping should be first demonstrated by a professional. Then you can do it yourself at home every time you want to get relief. Our knowledgeable staff will evaluate your condition. Give us a call to set up a consultation today.
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