Ultrasound Therapy

Have You Tried Ultrasound Therapy?

There are a plethora of therapy types available at most chiropractic clinics. It is not always just the standard adjustments that you might think of when you hear the term “chiropractor.” Besides aligning your neck and back to relieve pain and discomfort, there are plenty of other treatment options including ultrasound therapy.

How Is Ultrasound Therapy Preformed?

During an ultrasound therapy session, a therapeutic frequency is sent through the skin at a range of 0.8 – 3.0 MHz. First, ultrasound therapy gel is applied to the surface of the skin to prevent friction or discomfort. Then, a trained technician will use a wand or probe-like instrument to rub over the desired area.
The patient will generally feel a slight tingling sensation in the area of the vibration. It is described as calming to those that have had it done before. In most instances, the session doesn’t last any longer than 15 minutes. The ultrasound therapy can be repeated as often as daily. It is entirely safe, but the tool used should be kept away from the face, spine, and genitals.

Treated Conditions

Several types of injuries can be treated with ultrasound therapy. The most common are tendonitis, myofascial pain, non-acute joint swelling, and muscle spasms. People living with fibromyalgia are frequently patients that seek out this kind of care.

Recovery Time

To start with, the patient is going to feel a heating sensation. There are more effects that are reported with the therapy as well. The tissues will relax, scar tissue will break down, and there will be an increase in blood flow. All of this is going to result in a faster healing time for swelling, chronic inflammation, and in some instances bone fracture healing.
Each case is different, but all in all, getting this type of therapy is going to allow the patient to heal much quicker from injury than if he or she let the body try and recover on its own. Athletes and active individuals seek out therapy with the use of an ultrasound so they can get back to their healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. A professional practitioner can review any individual case and decide if the use of an ultrasound during a treatment session is going to be beneficial.

Medicine Administration

Are you terrified of needles or injections? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. There are plenty of others out there that feel the same way. Ultrasound therapy can administer the medication under the skin without any puncture. The energy from the ultrasound forces the medicine through the skin into the tissue. It’s often used for cortisone. Many patients get cortisone to help with reducing inflammation. Instead of getting a shot, it can be massaged in by a practitioner behind the ultrasound therapy wand.

We’re Standing By

Does ultrasound therapy sound like something you could use? There are so many benefits of this kind of treatment; chances are the answer is yes. Call on our professionals to go over your symptoms. We are waiting to set up a consultation for you.
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