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Dr. Joanna welcomes patients of all ages and demographics: the weekend warrior, the professional sitting at a desk all day, the yogi, the pregnant mother-to-be.

Dr. Joanna Reaves is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician who graduated from National University of Health Sciences. Previously, she received her B.A. in Biology with an emphasis in Health and Medical Science from Minnesota State University—Moorhead. Dr. Joanna has received additional training with certification in Acupuncture through Lincoln College of Post-Professional Studies. She is also certified in Webster Technique, which helps relieve the pain and discomfort of pregnancy while preparing the body for an easier birth. Dr. Joanna has also completed Parts A, B, C, and D for The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT) and is studying to take the exam to become certified in 2021 or 2022.

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My personal experience inspired me to become a Chiropractor because I want to help others as I have been helped. I decided I wanted to become a Chiropractor back in 8th grade; today, with all the education and experience I’ve had, I’ve come to realize my purpose and passion has been to help and inspire others to live up to their highest potential and to the best of their abilities. To do this, we must be free of dis-ease whether it’s disease of the mind, the physical body, or our spirit and emotional self.
As long as I can remember, I have gone to a Chiropractor. My mom suffers from headaches and migraines and lower back pain, and she always brought me to the Chiropractor and I would get adjusted as well. Once I started in sports and then began cheerleading, I began to have back pain from throwing girls in the air, jumping, and tumbling. I had occasional low back pain, but my real issue was shoulder pain. I went to an MD, who then referred me to an orthopedist–who gave me a couple exercises and sent me home–and that was that. Around that time, we had a new Chiropractor move into town, and my mom decided we should check him out. I don’t remember what he said or did, but he gave me hope and helped me through 4 years of me beating up my body.
I always enjoyed biology, anatomy, the human body, and the way it works. One day, I decided to shadow my Chiropractor and I got to see how he was able to help people of all ages and different conditions and how grateful they all were and what an inspiration it was. Then, one day in 8th grade, I decided I was going to be just like him and become a Chiropractor. And here we are, years later, living my dream!
Throughout my Chiropractic education, my knowledge has expanded on everything we can treat and what Chiropractic really is. Ironically, during Chiropractic school I started to suffer from worse low back pain than I had experienced before. We spent hours and hours of sitting in class–which was when it was the worst! After a series of different tests and finally an MRI, it was diagnosed with a disc bulge in my low back that was causing my pain. I began decompression therapy and adjustments that were able to take my pain away completely. Today, I am able to stay pain free which allows me to help treat others with the same condition.
In addition, while I was in school and dealing with this low back pain, one possible treatment was to lose some weight and decrease inflammation. Growing up, my idea of what a ‘healthy diet’ was very different. I had gained a significant amount of weight over the years and was never able to lose any weight. To help with the pain, one idea was to completely change my diet and lifestyle and adapt an anti-inflammatory diet following a three week anti-inflammatory cleanse. It was a long road, but working on making these changes, after a year I was able to lose 65 pounds and continue to keep this off since.
Throughout all these changes I have made in my life, I was able to make these changes without medication and surgery and able to stay this way. I believe that when you find the real problem and not a quick fix for the issue/disease, you are able to live the life you have always wanted. I am able to continue with this healthy lifestyle and I practice what I preach to my patients. It is my goal to help others to the best of my abilities with my education and to inspire others to live the best, healthy life that they can!

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