Trigger Point Therapy

Healing With Trigger Point Therapy

Think about the release of tension that you feel when you crack a knuckle. Even if it was not hurting, there is that brief moment of relief, like the pressure eliminated after a water balloon pops. That is what people are looking for when they seek out someone to perform trigger point therapy without evenknowing it.

Choosing the Right Treatment

Nearly all patients that walk into a chiropractic clinic complain of pain. They are not entirely sure what kind of procedure they need to have done, but they want it gone, and fast. An educated professional can quickly determine when trigger point therapy is the answer. In about 80% of situations, it is.
The pains felt are caused by an imaginary “knot” in the muscle. The connective tissue isn’t actually knotted, but it is restricted and cutting off its own blood supply. Then a cycle starts of irritation begins, and the pain starts. In severe instances, there are many of these disrupted points found in the same area. That is when pain is felt, and trigger point therapy works to stop the problem and keep it from coming back.

Finding the Problem

Specialists knowledgeable in trigger point therapy know what they are looking for. Even when a patient says their pain is in one area, it could be the result of an issue from a trigger point in another spot. Experts can find the problem, determine what is causing it, and treat it effectively.

Sit Back and Relax

Trigger point therapy is much like a deep tissue massage. The therapist is going to complete the procedure manually. He or she will search to find the contracted muscle and work at it until the discomfort is alleviated. They will press and stretch in a particular way so that the problem does not just shoot to another area of the body. That would be counterproductive and possibly even more troublesome. An experienced practitioner knows the pain patterns and refers to them to guide their actions.

Get Back Out There Following Trigger Point Therapy

Most people that have trigger point therapy done feel better instantly. The initial pressure can be uncomfortable, but it quickly goes away. The areas that were bothering them when they walked in the door are gone. The changes can sometimes take a few days to show up at most, but they are long-lasting.
After leaving the building, patients will also have a care plan to continue their trigger point therapy treatment at home. It will be personalized and include range of motion exercises, muscle strengthening techniques, and compression. Before long, completing activities of everyday life will be back to normal.

Reach Your Goals

The ultimate goal is to be pain-free. We want to help you achieve that. Whether you have a severe pain problem and nothing seems to be working, or if you want to feel better in general, we are here to help. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your trigger point therapy.
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