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Many individuals have never been to a chiropractor and do not know what to expect.
Just as each person is unique, each patient receives individualized treatment. During the first visit, you will sit down with Dr. Joanna in a comfortable environment to discuss what condition you would like addressed, along with pertinent health history. Thereafter will be an examination, which consists of a range of motion assessment, orthopedic tests, and a spinal examination. Dr. Joanna then will report her findings and explain what she believes is the exact condition, the benefits of chiropractic care, and what treatment will be best.
Treatment is performed on the first visit, depending on Dr. Joanna’s findings. A variety of treatments may be performed from chiropractic adjustments, McKenzie Method exercises, therapeutic stretches or exercises. To help each patient reach his/her full potential, Dr. Joanna will discuss each patient’s goals and develop a further treatment plan. This first visit lasts about 45 minutes and then each follow up visit is 15 minutes.
Dr. Joanna’s goal with each patient is to educate them so they fully understand what is going on with their condition. Furthermore, working as a team together is important. There are treatments that are performed in the office by Dr. Joanna, but the patient has their own part to play outside the office with exercises, stretches, lifestyle, and posture changes. Both these parts working together are essential for reducing pain, achieving longer lasting results, and helping patients reach their goals much easier and faster.

New Patient Health History Form

This lets us know the history and current state of your health. What questions, concerns, goals, regarding wellness can we help you with? Let us know!
**After you download and fill out the New Patient Heath History Form Email us here: and use this a subject line “New Patient Heath History Form”

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